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Moving beyond a Muslim Ban, President Trump promises a “Muslim Registry” which eerily brings back dark memories of Japanese-Americans being forced to register before their internment as well as the Nazi registry of German Jewish citizens which was the first step in demarcating them as the “other” in the body-politic. One America Registry underscores that defeating such an agenda can only be accomplished if all targeted communities and the rest of American society comes together to adamantly resist this agenda of racial and religious supremacy. We feel that the best way to undermine such an Un-American policy is to have all Americans “register” on such a proposed list to show their resistance to policies reminiscent of fascist regimes.

Let us Come Together. Let us Resist. Let us Register.

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We are a non-denominational, non partisan coalition of Americans dedicated to preserving our Constitutional Rights and Freedom while opposing attempts to instill fear, division and hatred in our diverse and pluralistic society.

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We stand united against doctrines and policies of racial and religious supremacy. We reject Un-Constitutional bans against immigrants and refugees based upon race or religion. We stand united against the building of walls and the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants.   We look to the future and not the past and we believe what truly makes America great is both our great diversity and also our unity as a nation around democratic and civic virtues of tolerance, equality, and social justice.

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  1. Support Senate Bill S.54 – “Protect American Families Act”
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“If you force Muslims to register, we will all register as Muslims.” Writer and activist Gloria Steinem

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One America – A Coalition of Diverse Communities United Against Racial and Religious Supremacy.

Donald Trump and his advisors from the Alt-Right like Steven Bannon broke from established American social and political norms in making overt appeals to racial and religious bigotry at the very onset of their campaign. This included President Trump’s infamous assertion that Mexican immigrants were “criminals and rapists”, his refusal to recognize a Federal Judge of Mexican heritage as a fellow American, and his call for “a total and complete ban of Muslims entering the United States”. Prior to this, Trump led the “birther movement” denying that President Obama was an American citizen and repeatedly demonstrated racists attitudes toward African-Americans and their demands for social justice. Trump also had a long history of displaying brazen contempt for women and his misogyny included over a dozen credible claims of physical-sexual assault by women, something he was caught on tape bragging about.

In this context, the Muslim Ban and proposed Muslim Registry is the initial trial run for a broader program of enshrining racial and religious supremacy through immigration policy, economics, policing, and foreign policy as openly advocated by the Alt-Right. Alt-Right publications like openly lament the 1965 Civil Rights Act and the related Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) because they see them as having erased the racial basis of American identity.

The Muslim Question and its relation to national security and foreign policy is the wedge issue through which White Supremacists seek to dismantle our pluralistic and multi-racial and religious post-Civil Rights America by sowing fear and dissension around an exaggerated threat of foreign terrorism. The very divergent Trump Administration reaction to terrorism carried out by White Supremacists like Dylan Roof and the Quebec City terrorist vs those carried out by Omar Mateen, the San Bernardino killers, or the non-existent “Bowling Green Massacre” shows how calculated this strategy is.

Defending Hispanic Americans and Undocumented Immigrants

It is no coincidence that the Trump Administration has linked exaggerated fears of terrorism with the need to build a wall along the Mexican border.  Just as terror attacks by Muslims have been blown out of proportion while those by White Supremacists downplayed; crimes committed by undocumented immigrants have been deliberately sensationalized by the Trump Administration.    In the name of “Law and Order” as many as 11 million undocumented immigrants from Latin America are being threatened with mass deportation.  As One America, we are determined that there be No Ban, No Registry, and No Wall along with No Deportations breaking up families which have long been an integral part of American society. This is especially true of 750,000 “Dreamers” who have been raised as Americans and are playing vital and productive roles throughout our society.  One America is adamant that past campaigns of deporting Hispanic Americans, (many of whom were entitled to citizenship), never be repeated again.

Safeguarding Black Lives and Securing the Well Being of our Inner Cities

The Trump Administration has responded to the Black Lives Matter campaign with contempt, insisting that there has been nothing wrong with draconian policing and racial profiling in our inner cities. Under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, there is well founded fear that Civil Rights legislation will be ignored and old patterns of racial discrimination in law enforcement, housing, voting, and employment will be reinvigorated.

One America Registry underscores the fact that the African American struggle for freedom and equality underpinned the hard-won rights and achievements of all other minority communities in the United States. As noted, this was shown in the near simultaneous adoption of the Civil Rights Act and the removal of racial, religious, and national origin discrimination with the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the forces of racial and religious supremacy seek to undermine these pillars of racial and religious equality in America. Such forces represented by the Alt-Right movement and the KKK have openly endorsed and celebrated the Trump Presidency. We in turn are adamant that just as earlier generations defeated these dark and deplorable forces of racism at home and militarism abroad, our much more diverse generation of Americans will soundly defeat them again.

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I stand in solidarity with my Muslim neighbors against the threat of Muslim Registry. I consider it un-American and uncivilized to create any government registry that classifies people on the basis of religion or national origin.