What You Can Do

Muslim Americans were already subject to racial/religious profiling and troubling laws like the use of secret evidence etc., now the Muslim Ban has created serious challenges not only for foreigners but also for green card holders and citizens. Following the Trump Executive Action, Green Cards were being taken away as people landed even if they were not from the seven listed countries and even US citizens reported being harassed at the border.

Even more troubling for our Democracy and Constitution, the Muslim Registry which President Trump promised that he will “absolutely” create will target all American Muslims. In the meantime media reports indicate Bannon/Miller orchestrated plans for also attacking American Muslim institutions which have challenged the unconstitutional actions of the Trump Administration.

Let’s Roll Up Our Sleeves and Make a Difference:

1. Support S. 54 in Congressional Meet Up Week: February 18-26 2017

Senate Bill S.54 – “Protect American Families Act” prohibits the creation of an immigration-related registry program that classifies people on the basis of religion, race, age, gender, ethnicity, national origin, nationality, or citizenship.

The bill is now in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

You can do the following things as an organization:

  • Write as an organization
  • Adopt a resolution in your board

As an Individual or Organization You Can:

  • Meet your Senator to support S. 54
  • Thank the Senators who have proposed the bill
  • Contact the Senate Judiciary Committee


Your Senator Contact InfoBest Way to Influence

Senate Judiciary Committee

2. 5 Minutes a Day Campaign Against the Muslim Registry

Use this easy calendar of daily action items that only take five minutes to fight against the registry!

Keep your Senator, Representative, Governor, and Mayor’s phone number handy.

Call and demand that they take pre-emptive steps against the Muslim registry.

Here are the positions of Congressional Representatives regarding the Muslim Ban. Their positions may be an indicator of their position regarding a Muslim Registry. 

Sign up for the One America Registry to Take Action! Only five minutes a day to make a world of difference!

3. Promote the One America Registry

Please post, tweet, and promote whatever social media you use for people to oppose the

Muslim Registry by signing up for the One America Registry. Say it loud!

I stand in solidarity with my Muslim neighbors against the threat of Muslim Registry. I consider it un-American and uncivilized to create any government registry that classifies people on the basis of religion or national origin.

4. Organize a Teach-In or Webinar about Islamophobia/Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Use the term Islamophobia/Anti-Muslim bigotry. It is just like any other form of racism or anti-Semitism and equally unacceptable. Anti-Muslim bigotry is at the very root of the Muslim Ban and Muslim Registry.

We can provide your organization, university, church, or temple with experts to speak on Anti-Muslim bigotry.

Request a Speaker

5. Please Post Your actions and events on One America Registry website