Are U.S. Agents Carrying Out Trump’s Muslim Ban at Airports in Canada and Ireland? We Aim to Find Out.

As part of our multiple tactics to keep up the pressure against President Trump’s Muslim immigration ban, on Friday the ACLU filed a Freedom of Information Act request with U.S. Customs and Border Protection demanding records on the implementation of the executive order at all 15 CBP “preclearance” airport locations abroad. These are facilities at [...]

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This is how the Trump administration could freeze out Muslims in America

Human Rights Watch on Wednesday outlined how the Trump administration would be able to go after a broad array of Muslim civic organizations if it adds the Muslim Brotherhood to its list of designated foreign terrorist organizations, which administration officials have said privately they are weighing. Read the full article at The Washington Post.

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The Muslim Registry

The Trump Administration has proposed a “Muslim Registry” which eerily brings back dark memories of Japanese-Americans being forced to register before their internment as well as the Nazi registry of German Jewish citizens which was the first step in demarcating them as the “other” in the body-politic.  We propose a One America Registry program to [...]

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The Muslim Ban

The Presidential Executive Action banning travel from seven Muslim-Majority countries, limiting refugee settlement, and indefinitely ending the acceptance of Syrian refugees is in effect a “Muslim Ban”. The Trump Administration is now arguing that this isn’t a “Muslim Ban” but a suspension done for security reasons and justified by Presidential plenary power. However, the evidence [...]

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Federal Program for Countering Violent Extremism

The Federal Government has for over a year promoted the CVE program which has sought to counter extremism and violence by both Islamist and White Supremacist groups and individuals. However, the Trump Administrations deeply troubling flirtation with racial and religious supremacy is shown by their proposal to deliberately ignore the long historic threat of White [...]

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Iraqi-American Lawyer Details Her Detention at U.S. Border in Michigan

In her job as an immigration attorney, Farah Al-khersan has worked to reunite families and fight deportation hearings. On Friday night, she found herself in a similar position to some of her clients, when she and her husband were detained at the U.S. border hours after President Donald Trump signed a far-reaching immigration executive order. [...]

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