Atlanta as a Sanctuary City: Holding Leaders Accountable for Violence Against Marginalized People

On this International Workers’ Day (May Day), we will be appearing before the Atlanta City Council to demand that the city adopt a policy limiting its cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This is one step the city can take to meaningfully stand up to Trump and help protect our communities. On January 20, [...]

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California’s Muslims stand up for action against Trump’s policies

SACRAMENTO, California - Nearly 800 people travelled to California's capitol on Monday for the “Muslim Day at the Capitol”, with political activism in Sacramento described by a senior state official as "the resistance" to President Donald Trump. The annual national advocacy event aimed to promote four propositions that can block some of the US president's most [...]

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‘Why? Wouldn’t you?:’ Anti-Trump protesters take care of supporter who collapsed

For Ana Draa, a Trump protester, the most shocking part of her coming to the aid of a fallen Trump supporter, was that others were shocked. Draa, a 53-year-old stay-at-home mom and self-described passionate advocate for women’s reproductive rights, joined a pack of protesters and supporters outside the Wisconsin manufacturing company where President Trump spoke [...]

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