Find out the dates & locations:

To find out when town hall meetings in your Congressional district will be held, monitor your Member’s Congressional website, sign up for your Member’s email alerts, or periodically call for event updates. Members usually hold town hall meetings in different areas around their district. While it’s best to attend the one closest to your home, don’t hesitate to also attend meetings in other parts of your district.

Before You Attend:

  1. Make sure to have your question prepared in advance. Do your homework! Don’t hesitate to do some extra research on your Member of Congress before the town hall.
  2. Team up with your friends and/or other organization members to attend. The more members who attend, the more likely your voices will be heard.

During Town Hall Meeting:

  1. Be polite to everyone.
  2. Raise your hand immediately when the Congressman asks for questions. The longer you wait, the more competition you will have for the microphone.

After the Meeting:

  1. Stick around after the meeting. If you aren’t given the chance to ask your question during the meeting, or you have additional questions, hang around afterwards. Most Members of Congress stick around for a few extra minutes to take additional questions one-on-one.

  2. Network with other attendees. If anyone else in the audience asks questions that are in line with your views, talk to them after the meeting is over. That’s a great opportunity to get them involved in activism.

  3. Bring a business card to give to the staff member to help him or her follow up with your question.

  4. Tell us that you Attended.